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Renew our democracy. World Peace is coming.
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Muhammad Ali and Me

Here you shall read the details about a couple of Hoover's Fed Burr of Eye
who sabotaged our family car
the night before our trip
to go see Muhammad Ali at his training camp
and challenge him to go with me
to get the hostages in Iran from Ayatollah Khomeini.
Had I not caught them in the act our car would have blown up in a freak accident.
That was FB-Eyes first attempt to murder me,
the poet prophet J. Edgarina despised;
Hoover's slime bags following his legacy orders.
A matching version of these events resides in
Fed Burr files.

I was born in 1941; Muhammad Ali in 1942.
Ali was 22 years old when, as
Cassius Marcellus Clay he knocked out Sonny Liston.
Upon that,
Clay was the youngest champion boxer in world history.

I saw the fight at the Century Theater, in Buffalo, New York.
The ticket cost five bucks.
I arrived late and the few seats left were in the balcony.
The crowd was for Liston.
I seemed the only person there for Clay.
When I announced I was betting on Cassius everyone,
all the fans in the balcony wanted to bet me
Liston was going to knock out Clay in three.

I was for Muhammad Ali from the begining,
through thick and thin.
I applauded when Cassius Clay proclaimed his name was
Muhammad Ali.
In 1980 I was going to his training camp in Pennsylvania
to challenge Muhammad to
go with me to Teheran instead of fighting Holmes,
meet with Ayatollah Khomeini
and bring our 53 American hostages home.

I had long hair and a beard and was bringing along
copies of my Television Scripture,
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss,
with every line a delicate rhyme
that like old blind Homer
I can recite from cover-to-cover
and I was going to give
my prophetic
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss
to Muhammad Ali
reciting from The Book ov Lev ringing bells
with my mull tie ling well lyric sense.

I believe Muhammad Ali would have loved
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss
and proclaimed his own copy on sight of it.
Ali was a poet.
He loved lyrics and often spoke
interspersing his wraps with lyric and rhyme.

To show I was a prophet of God
As was Muhammad Ali also a man of
The LAN Lord uh pin Heaven
I was going to speak
the opening line I had for the Ayatollah
and more, in Farsi
for Muhammad Ali to judge
I did have Holy words for the Ayatollah.
So we could go to Teheran and bring our hostages home.

My proposed challenge
delivered to Muhammad Ali
surely bested Muhammad Ali boxing past his prime.

Especially in a match with his
most jealous of sparring partners, Larry Holmes:

"All we ask is return of our own.
The Shah is with Allah."

Ayatollah Khomeini would have interrupted,
"The Shah is in hell."

"Give me and Ali the hostages.
America will elect me president
Muhammad Ali Vice President.
I am president 1980,
World Peace begins 1982.
After World Peace comes
Big AL Allah
is going to make His Resurrection.

After Allah brings the Resurrection
all the children of the Iranian people
who were murdered by
Reza Shah Pahlavi's secret police
shall be returned to their families
here on the earth,
and Shah Pahlavi shall be returned
to the Iranian people."

So they could string the Shah up
and stone him to death
while the Ayatollah sat watching.

That is what I planned on
telling Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini.
In Farsi.
That was my overall intent.

Challenge my brother
Muhammad Ali
to go with me my body guard
meet Ayatollah Khomeini
talk to hymn
and we bring the hostages home.

The night before my trip to
Muhammad Ali's Pennsylvania training camp
I went up to the roof of our apartment
to smoke a cigarette.

I always smoked in the house
yet this night I decided
to fire up a Lucky Strike on the roof.

It had been softly raining for a few hours
and the drizzle finally stopped.
The next day I was going to Pennsylvania
to challenge my man Muhammad Ali.

Our apartment was at 978 Amherst St.
right off the corner of Delaware Avenue
next to Dave Duncan's Sunoco station.
In winter we parked at Duncan's,
in the summer across Amherst St.
at Max Pedan's Mobile.

We lived on the 3rd floor
a floor above the Sunoco roof.
Our windows
gave us a full view of
the busy Amherst St. and Delaware Ave. corner.
I stood on our roof,
enjoying my unfiltered Lucky Strike
and saw a beat-up pick up truck
speeding down Delaware
heading south
then turning hard onto Amherst Street.

But the truck was going too fast
to make the turn.

Maybe they pulled onto Max Peden's Mobile
which was closed for the night.
I ambled across the roof.

The beat up pick up was parked
by my mother's Chevrolet Caprice convertible.
One was under the side of our car,
the other at the back.
I hollered out,
"What are you doing by that car!"

They jumped in their pickup truck,
pulled onto Delaware Ave.
and sped off heading south.

The next morning I woke,
fixed a cup of instant coffee
and went downstairs to gas up the car.

I wondered, what did they do?
They were parked by our car ten seconds.

1980 was years before The Pelican Brief.

I got into the car.
All of Max Pedan's pumps were available.
I put the key in the ignition
and fired up the car.

I went to gas up at one of the pumps
but in as much time as it took
to back the car from our spot and turn around
all of Max Pedan's gas pump islands
had a couple, three cars lined up for fuel on each side.

I decided to gas up at Duncan's Sunoco.
I went to drive the car off the Mobile station
onto Amherst Street.
Max Peden's broken cement ramp had a pot hole issue.
Our new muffler, three days old
broke loose and began to scrape Amherst Street after a loud thunk.

So to keep from damaging our new muffler
I slowly inched the car across Amherst Street
onto Duncan's Sunoco.

Just then Dave Jr. was directing a car
out of the bay next to the office.
I shouted, "Dave we just renewed our muffler system here
and the muffler is broken already.
Dave said, "I put that muffler on myself.
Pull it in the bay."

Dave Jr. guided the car into the bay.
I disembarked and Dave lifted the car.
We inspected the O ring together.
The O ring had been cut with a razor
almost all the way through.

Before Dave went to get a fresh O ring
suddenly there were these two dudes
looking at our muffler system.
One of them said something to Dave about the O ring.

I did not catch what he said.

Dave went to grab another O ring.
Without a glance, the two walked outside.
I waited, then followed.
They were jumping into a pickup truck
the same beat up truck from the night before.
They pulled onto Delaware, again heading south.
I pulled the car out and up to the pump by the office door.

Then I changed my mind.

I told Dave I decided not to go see Muhhammad Ali.
I pulled onto Amherst Street and parked.
I went upstairs and told my mother I changed my mind.
I did not tell my mother why.

In the days that followed I noticed
that after a fill up
our Chevy was drinking gas like water.
Then I filled the tank
and looked underneath to see a puddle of gas.
I went up to the University.

A student I knew said I should come over to his house.
He had some professional goop to fix the leaking tank.

We jacked up the car and he crawled underneath.
Then the student said,
"Lev, crawl under here and check this out."
He thought the tank had rusted.
But instead of rust
there was a clean hole punched in the tank on the seam.

The idea was I gas up the car,
then get my mother Mary
to go with me to meet Muhammad Ali.

The tank would have been completely soaked,
the muffler and pipes would have broken loose from the O ring
after running over a drivable mini-pot hole in the road
the muffler would hit the pavement
sparks would fly helter skelter
and our Chevy convertible would have been blown to smithereens,
My mother Mary and her son killed in a freak accident,
the first attempt by Hoover's minions to take my life;
not by any stretch the last.

That set my public world peace quest back years
to show America I had words for all mankind
to perform on world-wide television tell my vision.

Had I gone to challenge Muhammad Ali,
he would have taken me up on my
free the hostages plan
we'd have brought the hostages home
and been elected president and vice-president.

I would have delivered world peace and together
me and my spiritual brother Muhammad Ali
would have kept the peace
from 1980 until today, taking turns as president and vice!
The reason Hoover minions attempted to murder my mother and me.
Instead Ali fought Holmes; took the beating of his life
and that was the fight that brought Ali
Parkinson's disease and silence.

I have a date with the universe I cannot be late.

I could have been early.

Levinson 4 President

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The Book ov Lev It A Kiss

is a full PDF free loan download upon a mouse click on the Ali Lev poster
or the underlined The Book ov Lev It A Kiss, above.
The hand lettered double-column Television Scripture,
was lettered in design
to perform from live, dusk until dawn as old blind Homer
for all the worlds' peoples
to participate in together all at once.

Due Tur On Oh Me
is the pox
on yer lips
The Book ov Lev
It A Kiss
live performed out loud.

After you download
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss,
after the opening two hymns and a prayer,
after you read your story of Adman and Even
scroll to page 19.

The left column begins
with the c. 1971 description of
the arctic ice caps melting:

"All this car bin mah / Nox ide in the air
Bruth er you aint / God ath leetz feat
You roas tin pole
/ Er ice caps gun er
Mel din you gunnuh / gedda steam bath."

Toward the bottom of the right column
on the same page nineteen,
see the description of the
North Korean despot Kim Jung-un,
before he was born; copyright 1971.

I speak we win.

"The White House is my stepping stone to deliver World Peace

I bring to the political table innovative economic growth plans."

Michael Levinson on Late Nite Broadcast Television
This video has had more than 3,000 views on YouTube.

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had you heard Lev Health Care Assurance
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Uncle Sam Shazam
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that eliminates public debt,
Lev might've been elected president in 2012!

The 12 minute video below was recorded audio aired and video on WMNF 88.5 FM website.
Deciding for Lev?
Grab a pen practice write his full name Michael Levinson three times
and you are good to go.
Do not forget to bring your own pen.

Lev campaign dough nations
won't initiate a Fed Burr of Eye investigation
into your life and times.
However, the longest deepest file ever created on an American citizen.
is the file Hoover's "eye" maintains
on my life and times.
The corral around my right to public speech,
say as a candidate, is actively in place.
Don't hold your breath waiting to hear or see this poet prophet
(I am a poet prophet; author of prophetic works)
on your local TV, or on any broadcast or cable TV Show.
My emails and postings are regularly sniffed
and where I may surf, tracked.

Read the unadulterated Church Committee Book II

FB-Eye did not cease their
domestic counter-intelligence activities
exposed in the Church Committee Books II and III.
FB-Eye was in charge of what the Church Committee was shown.

Here is Church Committee Book III

FBI changed the name of their domestic Counter Intelligence Program,
and from that day forward stamped all domestic activities

This web domain ha pens to be the only place in cyberspace where you can
download a readable copy of the Church Committee Reports.
Church Committee Reports and find that for yourself!

Upon election, first thing I am going to do is
Merge Cash In Advance (CIA) and Fascist Bureaucracy Ink. (FBI)
Into a single agency.
In that way
civil or criminal, domestic or foreign
All intelligence gathering is conducted under the same roof
with one clearly crafted statute
Interference in anyones domestic life
whether political or private
unless the person is suspected of
planning radical terrorist activities
then we should be watching 24 / 7 ready to grab them
after they purchase a pressure cooker, etc.

In the land of the blind the one-eye man is king.

Upon election to the presidency,
I will meet with Members of Congress
and together
get to the bottom of the Federal Bureau of Eye's
illegal domestic activities that weakened our country
and to this day keep our citizenry afraid and unsafe.

Detroit should become a major hybrid clipper ship building port.

Yes! Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) has been a valuable commodity
throughout the history of man.
Far more important than the intoxicant aspect of cannabis flowers,
commonly called by the Mexican slang term Marijuana
is the full economic synergy harvested with every legal cannabis plant.

View Short Video

The video is ten minutes long and will knock your sock off!

An acre of hemp produces as much paper pulp
as 4 acres of old growth forest.
Hemp fibers are being used in Europe
as a lower cost stronger
lightweight safer substitute
for fiberglass and carbon fiber.
Hemp is better for car's and truck's body panels.
Hemp seed oil is a biodiesel,
first fuel ever used by Henry Ford.
Hemp produces 40% more ethanol per acre than corn.
Hemp grows on marginal lands.
Pesticides and fertilizers are KNOT! required.

Growing hemp actually improves soil conditions.
Rotated properly,
hemp can add millions of acres of marginal farmlands
into food production.
Hemp makes very good quality paper and cloth,
more than twice the usable fiber for textiles as cotton.
Cotton consumes most of the pesticides and fertilizers used in America,
only slightly less than corn and soy.
We can move away from foreign petrochemical dependence
when we end this unrealistic prohibition on a plant
that has throughout the history of man
been one of our most valuable commodities.

Every part of the plant is useful.
The stalk produces a long strong fiber for cordage and textiles.
The branches and leaves are excellent
high cellulose biomass for energy production.
Hemp seeds are as close as you can get to a perfect sustenance food
with highly digestible simple proteins
and a perfect balance of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids
which makes hemp seed oil even healthier than extra virgin olive oil
or hemp can be used as biodiesel.
Learn more by watching the Story of Jack Herer the unlikely Emperor of Hemp.

Industrial Hemp Means Thousands of Jobs!

Were we planting industrial hemp on just 6% of American lands
we could regenerate our industrial base,
create 100% of our energy needs here in local factories
employing millions of Americans
producing advanced biofuels,
biomass electrical energy,
hemp cordage and textiles,
hemp fiber building materials, hemp paper and card stock,
hempcrete and hemp biodegradable plastics,
only a few of the 25,000 goods we can make from hemp.
We don't need to use anywhere near the barrels of petroleum we currently consume.
As hemp grows it sequesters carbon out of the atmosphere
and releases it back when the hemp is burnt.
We can trap the hemp squestered carbon
in paper, plastic, cardboard and cloth.
Petroleum carbon was sequestered millions of years ago.
When it is burnt
the petroleum carbon is also released into our environment.
Using hemp to replace wood for paper and building materials would
significantly reduce deforestation
and reduce green house gases in our atmosphere.
Yes, Jack Herer was right, Cannabis can save the world.

We don't need one more drop of stinking fossil fuels.
Hemp seed oil is an excellent biodiesel.
Hemp produces far less harmful pollution,
80% less carbon dioxide close to zero sulfur emissions.
Hemp produces 40% more ethanol than corn per acre.
Hemp grows in marginal soils actually improving soil quality
especially when planted as rotation crop.
Hemp requires near zero fertilizer,
zero pesticides compared to corn.
Corn is our top consumer of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Industrial hemp grows quickly,
matures in as little as 100 days
produces a cash crop three times a year,
enough biomass to produce all our surface transportation fuels
all our electrical generation needs
with far less pollution;
with industry creating additional beneficial byproducts.
The University of Missouri estimates
an average-size metropolitan area production
of 100 million gallons of biodiesel fuel could generate
$8.34 million in personal income and 6000 temporary and permanent jobs.

Hemp Facts

Until 1883, 75-90% of all our paper was made with hemp.
Hemp seed was the # 1-selling bird feed;
4 million pounds were sold in the U.S. in 1937.
In the mid-to-late 1800's the 2nd & 3rd most commonly used medications
were concentrated cannabis extracts
and resins also known as hashish.
A bridge in the south of France dated at 500-700 A.D.
was built with a mixture of hemp.
In 1941 Henry Ford built a car with a plastic
made from hemp and wheat straw.
Until 1937 70-90% of all rope and twine was made with hemp.
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their plantations.
In 1850 the U.S. Census reported 8,327 hemp plantations
of at least 2000 acres in size.
Not counted were thousands of smaller crops.
The original Levi Strauss jeans were made from hemp.
In 1942 the U.S. government
strongly encouraged hemp cultivation to help with the war effort,
going so far as to produce a film entitled "Hemp For Victory".
The version of the Declaration of Independence released on July 4, 1776
was written on hemp paper.

The entire hemp plant is useful.
Hemp can replace the deforestation of our nation.
Hemp is better than wood pulp
to create paper and building materials.

Hemp produces better quality paper
than wood pulp.
Hemp can be combined into recycled wood pulp
increasing the strength and durability of new paper products.

The long strong hemp fiber
can be pressed into fiberboard and studs
for construction materials that are
heat, mildew, pest, light, and rot resistant.

Termites will not eat durable hemp fibers.
One acre of hemp produces 4 X the usable paper pulp
than an acre of old growth forest
which takes 50 to 100 times longer to replenish.

Hemp produces twice the usable fiber
than cotton per acre.
Textiles made with hemp
last longer are lighter in weight and warmer than cotton.

Hemp seeds contain natures perfect balance of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids,
complex proteins needed by our bodies,
making hemp seeds the closest to
a perfect sustenance food source.

Hemp seed oil has a lite nutty flavor,
an even healthier cooking choice
than extra virgin olive oil.
Hemp seed oil also produces
excellent and healthy soaps, cosmetics, shampoos and lotions.
There are many of these products
already available in Americans stores
but they are
mostly imported from Europe and Canada
which do not have ridiculous laws
prohibiting growing this most valuable commodity.

Textiles produced with hemp fiber
are even softer, stronger, last longer
and are more absorbent than cotton.

Cotton production uses only slightly less chemical fertilizers and pesticides
than the top consumers which are corn and soy.
Hemp produces twice the usable fiber per acre than cotton
without the chemicals.
A fine linen like cloth can easily be made with hemp fiber
that wears
3 X as long as cotton with the feel of cotton fleece.

Hemp, like flax (linen) is one of the best fibers.
When weaving with hemp yarns, you can treat it like a linen yarn.
It improves and softens with age.
Hemp is also mildew resistant, making it an excellent yarn for towels,
also bath linens and carpet
as well as in fine table linens and clothing.

As a nation we should give it a try.
Were our congress actually serious about job creation
in the private sector
they would remove the arcane barriers to production of this most valuable commodity
which would also contribute to ending dependence on foreign oil.

Hemp belongs on the table nationwide
Before my first day as President!

A legal write-in vote for Michael Levinson
Breaks the unconstitutional
two party lock on our politics!

I speak we win.

As president,
via press conference every day
I shall deliver a doable idea.
Every day Congress is in session I am presenting a plan
live, to both Congress and the nation.

My presence as an impeccable independent will move the House!

Either the Members vote for my non-partisan legislation
especially Lev-Med Care, Mortgage Reform and Uncle Sam Shazam
or get throne out next election.
I don't like the idea asking people to give me money.
Then you owe.
Lobbyist dollars have corrupted all of our governments
We need 435 people in the House of Representatives
who take an oath before their elections
not to allow lobbyist money to color their pubic duty.

email the candidate

World peace begins with a peaceful night
where all the world's people participate together in
my 'mull tie ling well" poem.
(These countries not our friends today ought to be willing to let my program air
because their citizens are going to get the show
via their satellite dishes regardless).

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